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ZP 3500
  • Ultra stable pwm (pulse width modulated) mosfet power supply
  • 2 ohm stable operation with output power increase
  • built-in crossover top control
    ch ½: variable hi-pass filter (40hz-1khz)
             variable low-pass filter (40hz-250hz)
  • tri-mode cap ability for simultaneous hook-up of two stereo channels and subwoofer
  • super bass control : 0-12db
  • soft-start delay turn-on circuit
  • automatic remote on/off switching
  • power on and protect led indicators
  • bult-in overload protection circuit
  • bult-in over current protection circuit
  • bult-in overheat protection circuit
  • gold plated rca input and transparent terminals
  • line out rca jack

Technical Specification

4 ohms maximum output @0.03% THD 700Watts
4ohms bridged mono output @0.02% THD 1 x 700W
2 ohms WRMS output @0.1 THD 2 x 350W
Low pass filter 40Hz - 250Hz
High pass filter 40Hz - 1KHz
Frequency response 10 - 40000Hz
Signal to noise ratio 100dB
Stereo separation >55dB
Input sensitivity 145mV-2.4V
Input impedance 10 Kohms
Operation voltage DC 12V
Speaker impedance @ stereo driven 4 Ohms
Fuse rating 25Ax2
Dimension (WHD) mm 280x50x244